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Booklet Set: Cómo cuidar la salud - etapas 1 a 3 - y - Vivir como se desea - etapas 4 y 5

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Control blood pressure and blood sugar. Quit smoking. Avoid NSAIDs. Stay active. Ask for precautions for X-ray dye tests... You share many of these steps with your patients repeatedly at each clinic visit. Reinforce your advice and teaching with reassuring, evidence-based take-home booklets. Colorful and appealing, these booklets are written at the 6th grade reading level, grounded in motivational theory, and reviewed by multidisciplinary experts. Both the CKD 1-3 and 4-5 booklets cover coping with a CKD diagnosis, what kidneys do, CKD stages, symptoms, lab tests, medications, and diet. The CKD 4-5 booklet also includes treatment options for ESRD. Order your copies today!  

Preview the Spanish CKD 1-3 Book.
Preview the Spanish CKD 4/5 Book.

English, Spanish, and Vietnamese versions of the booklets are available via self-print license.  Learn more

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