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My Kidney Life: A New Direction

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If your kidneys-or a loved ones'-don't work well, you may be angry, sad, scared. Or, you may feel all three ways at the same time. This is 100% normal! When you can move past fear to HOPE, you can make the rest of your life as good as it can be. At the non-profit Medical Education Institute (MEl), we are here to help you. We've learned from tens of thousands of people with kidney disease and their loved ones. We use that knowledge to help YOU live as well as you can for as long as you can.

In this book, we teach you your job with a chronic disease. We help you sort out what matters to you. And, we tell you about each of the treatments, so you can make a choice that fits the way you want to live. We even have a free tool, My Kidney Life Plan, to help you match a treatment to your life. We hope you try it.